Day One: The Work Out

I was a little nervous to start working out again for a few reasons. Word of warning…If you have a weak stomach, I wouldn’t look at the pictures.

Concern Number One: On Friday I was in New York for a meeting and decided I could walk from the bus station to the office in my heels. It was only a mile and a half and the thought of having to hail a cab in the city and expose myself as the tourist that I am made it seem totally doable. Sarah Jessica Parker must have some seriously nasty feet because here is the outcome of my adventure…

My left foot…seriously funked up

Equal opportunity blisters…don’t discriminate between right and left

I was a little concerned I would further destroy my feet by running today.

Concern Number Two: I’ve lived a fat ass lifestyle for the past year and didn’t want to end up dying on the side of the road after a mile. I’d be looking a little something like this…

I was hiking Table Mountain in South Africa…That mutha is tall!

Concerns aside, I went for it. Figured it would be a really bad sign if I flaked on Day One of the project. I put on my running gear, selected an Ed Sheeran playlist, and headed out. Having recently moved to Providence and not wanting to get lost, I decided on a familiar route…right past my former BFs place. Pathetic I know, but it is the perfect distance for me to run right now, its right by my gym, has some nice up hills for added leg tonnage, and if he happens to glance out the window and see me looking all hot and sporty I would count it as a happy bonus. Here is the route…

Da Route

I still have to figure out how to use so for now google maps will suffice. I ran from point A to point B and back without dying. 2.4 miles. I’m putting it in the win column for the day.


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