Day Two: I’m an Awkward Creep

So the moment I have been waiting for happened tonight. I’m out on my run and feeling great. I made it to the gym and was heading back towards my house. Out of habit I look up at my ex-BFs place as I’m running by. Innocent enough right? Well… they have a balcony, which they happened to be sitting out on at the time. I’m pretty sure we made eye contact. Instead looking cool, athletic, and like a normal human being by waving and continuing on my merry way, I looked down, picked up my pace, and kept running. On the plus side…I ran my fastest mile yet. Downside…I’m an awkward creep.

Side note- my large, manly neighbor is currently outside  in the parking lot begging his tiny, stupid dog to poop. He is also following him around with an umbrella so he doesn’t get wet. Is it strange that I find this hilarious. Is it also strange that I’m watching all this happen from my second story window? I seriously need to be less creepy.


One thought on “Day Two: I’m an Awkward Creep

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