Day Four & Five: I’m just a Cheese It Loving Weirdo

Yesterday was the final for one of my classes. I was going to take the day off and grab some drinks to celebrate. Realizing I don’t have any friends in Providence who would be around for drinks at 3 in the afternoon, and after eating almost an entire box of Cheese It’s (the reduced fat kind of cheese it’s & pepperoni pizza are huge weaknesses for me), I figured I should just go for a run. On this run I thought about the fact that I have to consciously stop myself from being a huge weirdo. For instance, I ran past a pretty good looking guy just about half way into my run. I usually run around the gym and then head back towards my house on the other side of the street. This time, I ran around the gym and crossed back over since I would be able to pass this guy again. Creepy enough as it is. On top of that, I actually thought about saying hi to him. I reminded myself that saying hi to a total stranger, while running, would be a very weird thing to do. I thought I was doing good, caught my weirdo self before I did anything too weird…success. Wrong. While focusing on the cute guy and thinking about how weird I was, I neglected to see a lady with several dogs on leashes right in front of me. I almost ran into her and then got tripped up by leashes. I tried to recover quickly, apologized, looked around to make sure cute guy hadn’t noticed, and sprinted away. It was like a bad movie.

Today I realized I am not a morning runner. I got super early to run before work, figuring I would feel good getting it out of the way. Wrong again. It was hot already, I kept running into walls of those stupid little bugs, and no cute guys are out at 630am. From now on, I’m sticking to the evening runs.


One thought on “Day Four & Five: I’m just a Cheese It Loving Weirdo

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