Day Six & Seven: Always Listen to Your Mother

Friday I ended up taking a day off and went down to South Kingstown for dinner with my parentals. She told me I should wake up early today and run before work because it was going to be super hot and I had plans later in the evening. I set my alarm for 6:30am and had every intention of getting up and going. I didn’t get up. I did force myself to go after work though. Boy was my mom right. The whole run all I kept thinking was “balllllzzzz it’s hot out!” I also kept thinking about the stories in the news about kids that died from heat exhaustion recently because of the heat wave in the Midwest. It’s about ten to twenty degrees cooler here than the Midwest right now, but I kept thinking about what would happen to me if I passed out on the side walk.

This could have been me.

Luckily I didn’t end up finding out. I was disgustingly sweaty and dying for water, but I made it back home. Moral of this story- always listen to your mother.


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