Day Nine & Ten: Brekaing in a New Set of Feet

Oh boy. So much to recap. Yesterday I took the day off, but for good reason. Sleepover date with my two favorite men…


And we’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

My nephews Logan and Hunter. They came to stay in my “new Providence apartment,” which they thought would be very exciting; until they found out I don’t have any sort of xbox, wii, playstation, or whatever the hell else kids play now. Not to worry, I got things back on track with Pizza and the Home Alone movies (personal favorites). I ate wayyyy to much pizza and needed to seriously make up some ground on Tuesday.

After returning the kiddies home I came back up to Providence and got ready for some serious running. I have never been a coordinated person and usually find new ways to embarrass myself in public every day (see day two and day four). Other common examples include: missing my mouth with the straw, spilling my drink, dropping food before I can eat it, and tripping…over anything and everything. Today I had maybe run 100 yards when BAM tripped over a cracked sidewalk. Almost fell flat on my face, but managed to recover. Think anyone saw? You bet. Want to see what they saw? I have recreated this pretty little scene below.

Serious Clumsiness. This was also taken right after my run…you can see how disgustingly sweaty I get.


I think having a good laugh about my clumsiness must have motivated me because I made it through the longer run (3.3 miles) and ran a little less than 8 minute miles. Doesn’t sound all that impressive, but usually I run a 9 minute mile so I was psyched!


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