Day 11, 12 & 13: New Shoes and High Arches

Slacked off a bit on the blogging. Day 11 was July 4th. Anticipating a day of family BBQs, Fireworks and drinks, I went for a run early in the morning. Ridiculously hot out, I think I was still sweating in the shower. Disturbing. I destroyed any benefit that run could have had when I consumed a ridiculous amount of food. Potato salad, cocktail meatballs, chili, lemon squares; I have no self control around good food.

Made it worse when I took Day 12 off, but I did go meet with a physical therapist to get the right running shoes. I have bad knees so I was anticipating needing some pretty fugly shoes. Bill (the physical therapist) took a good look at my feet and said “I don’t mean to be rude, but you have the most disgustingly high arches I’ve ever seen, I’m not surprised your legs are f’ed up.” Thanks Bill. He proceeded to fit me in some sweet clunkers with special inserts to fill in my janky arches.

Day 13 I went for a run in my new kicks. I kept it at 2.5 miles because I was hot, my feet hurt, and it was dangerously close to dinner time and I wanted some sushi. I rationalized it by saying I needed to take it slow and break in the new shoes. I’m always amazed by my ability to rationalize.


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