Day 16,17 & 18: This Whole Grad School Thing Sucks

Day 16

Took the day off for three reasons: It was a Monday, which just sucks in generally, it was the first day of my last grad school class, which sucked even more, and I had fresh burns on my legs that made moving uncomfortable.

Day 17

I made up for the laziness of Monday by going for a longer run. Good news was, my new shoes didn’t hurt my feet for the first time since purchasing them! I’m back to my usual nine minute miles, guess the eight minute day was a fluke, but hey, I’m only getting’ better. Other than that it was a pretty uneventful run. I’m getting better at not tripping and/or embarrassing myself in other ways on these runs. Good for me, but makes this blog entry a little boring. Good thing only three people read this!

Day 18

I took another day off. Bad I know, but yesterday I had my last group presentation for school EVER and finished a consulting project that was literally two months overdue. Instead of running I ate a massive egg salad sandwich (say what you want about the smell, but them sandwiches is delicious!) and went out for drinks with my consulting team. Was it incredibly bitchy of me that I went for drinks literally next door to the restaurant where another girl in my program was celebrating her birthday, but I refused to go say hi? The last time I spent a night with that group I had to listen to an hour long story of how one of the girls met her boyfriend, who is also in our program. It involved the dying of her hair, her telling him she was not a whore, and a best friend back stabber. That is not a story you want to have to sit through twice and after a few drinks I don’t think I would have it in me to smile politely and not make comments about how the story makes me want to vomit. It was better for all involved that I stayed at my own bar. Other people in my group don’t feel the need to remain isolated (weird right?) so they eventually called the birthday girl and her companions over. I said my hellos, but at this point I decided it was getting pretty late and headed for my bed. On to the next day.


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