Day 22 & 23: My name is Caroline and it’s been 24 hours since my last Cheese It

Day 22

Today I watched/ worked out to one of those TV work out DVDs because I didn’t feel like leaving the house or putting on shoes. Not the best idea. Turns out, I am still unable to do more than 8 pushups.  I was also really terrible with my food intake. I had dinner at my parent’s house, which means delicious cooking, but also uncontrollable eating. After that feast I met a friend, watched comedy shows and walked to CVS to get Cheese It’s. Seriously, I have a real problem.

Day 23

To start the new week fresh, and to make up for the total fail that was last week for me work out wise, I went for a long run today. I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I didn’t run until 8pm which is usually pretty cool, but today the humidity was in full force. Wearing a grey shirt was a BIG mistake. Silver lining though, I lost a pound and my cold shower felt amazing. I also went to the grocery store today and stocked the kitchen with every available fruit/ vegetable I could find to try and kick the Cheese It habit. I think I need a support group.


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