Days 24-27: A Girl’s Gotta Eat

Day 24

Tuesday I took the day off and instead of being good, I had sushi and spring rolls and then went to see the movie Ted. The movie was pretty funny, but let’s be honest; the food was the best part of my day. On Tuesday I also had an interview with an events company. It went really well and I was told I would be asked back for a second interview so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed J

Day 25

Wednesday I squeezed in a run in between class and meeting high school friends for dinner. This meant I was running at 2 in the afternoon on one of the hottest days of the summer thus far. Suckkkkked. It was one of those days when you are still sweating even after your shower and all you can do is stand in front of the AC for an hour before attempting to put on any clothes. It also meant I was eating sushi two nights in a row…have I replaced Cheese It’s with sushi?? At least sushi is gluten free!! It was worth it to see good friends again and to reminisce for a night!

Day 26

Thursday I was forced to take another day off because of my ridiculous work schedule. I had to be in the office at 9am and didn’t get home until 10pm. By the end of the day my feet were killing me and all I wanted to do was sleep. I also ate two pieces of pizza, a handful of Swedish fish, and this chocolate truffle thing for dessert. I have zero will power. Food is just too freaking good! I did keep myself to one drink; however, avoiding any potential awkwardness of being an intern drunk at an office party. I’m putting it in the win column.

Day 27

Friday started off poorly. It was rainy and gross out and I had to go to an appointment at my dermatologists. Being Irish and disgustingly pale means I have a standing appointment with my skin doc ever six months to make sure I don’t have any cancerous growths happening. Good times. Currently we are taking measurements of this weird black mark that has popped up mysteriously on my lip. If this little guy grows we have trouble on our hands. So far we are good on the no growth front, but it is getting darker. I’ve been getting a little tired of people asking me about it or telling me I have something on my lip thinking its food so I figured I would ask if we could just zap the sucker out. Apparently it’s not so easy and removing my lip freckle friend would require plastic surgery. This would also not be covered by insurance since there is no medical risk. Looks like I’m just going to have to accept my little buddy and wear darker lipsticks. Hey, at least I don’t have cancer! After I got this little visit out of the way, I waited for the rain to die down a bit and then headed out for a run. Since it was overcast and still sprinkling it was really cool and nice. I decided it was good weather to increase my distance in since there was little potential for dying of a heat stroke. I went 4 miles and ended the run with about a half mile of straight uphill. I have decided one day a week I’m going to keep trying to increase my distance. Hopefully with my new, ugly, but very supportive sneakers, my knees won’t mind the distance.


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