Day 34 Through Who the Heck Knows

Holy guacamole my life has been crazy. So this is what’s been going on since my last post. I did finish the Blessing of the fleet…very slowly haha. It was down pouring and looking like it might thunder so the race was delayed half an hour. I certainly did not need the added build up. The first mile of the race you are in a giant mass of people and have to fit to get some space. Thinking about how to get around everyone made the first few miles go by pretty quickly. Mile five-ish you end up on Point Judith road, which is just plain miserable. I felt like I was going to vomit most of the way, but managed to make it to the turn and back into the shade. I was proud because I didn’t stop despite having a cramp pretty much the entire race. I was seriously dizzy at the end and in need of Gatorade, which apparently means I wasn’t breathing well. I am very happy to say I ran it, but never again.

After that, I took a few days off to let my knees and toes heal. Then I started running short distances again. My pace was a lot faster and I felt great. The whole time I kept thinking, if I was doing the blessing again, I would have seven miles to go still. Very motivating. I was happy to be running again, but then….my sister was in town from South Korea, it was my Uncle’s birthday, it was my grandmother’s 80th birthday, I took my last final of grad school ever, turned in my last paper ever, both those things meant I was done with school forever, I went to Atlanta for two job interviews (hated the first company and haven’t heard from the second), I was offered a job in Providence (I am now the new Event Marketing Coordinator for Future Affairs Productions), I went over my budget and realized that despite finally having a real salary I will still be broke, and subsequently decided to rent my parents house while they are gone for six months to save money. All of these things lead me to eat three boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese in four days (the shapes kind of course) and washed that down with an entire bag of tortilla chips. Clearly I was not in a good state to run.

On Friday I decided I needed to put the macaroni behind me and get back to my normal routine. If anything, my digestive system would be much happier. So I went out for a run. Not as jolly as before, but it went okay. Hopefully I won’t be making any more gigantic life decisions that will derail my attempt at a healthy lifestyle.


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