Damn You Spring Rolls

Had my first week of real work; no big deal, just a real person now. While I frequently feel like an idiot and ask 27 thousand questions (a rough estimate), I really like my job. Technically I’m in charge of marketing for an event planning company, but since they are a small company I’ve gotten to help out with a lot of actual event planning/ management. On my third day of work we drove to Boston for this big design expo where the company had designed two of the showcase rooms. I was told my job was to drink, eat, make up the best answers possible to peoples questions about our company so I don’t sound like I just started (I hope you read that in one breath like I do…does anyone but me read my blog??….I’m going with no), and collect as many new contacts as possible. Free food, free booze, fun people…sold. Another little perk…I get to take the gorgeous flowers we use as part of our décor home with me the next day.

Definitely going to make my apartment seem much classier. Big thanks to Christine the flower lady!

Hello free stuff. Thursday I had a dinner networking event in Providence. Again, free food, free booze, and a pretty decent crowd. I’m just throwing it out there…as far as big kid jobs go…mine certainly does not suck.

The only downer of my week was that I had a ton of ishhhh to do and got home pretty late each night. By the time I managed to finish off a spring roll (my dinner of choice this week) I was ready for a little TV and a lot of sleep. Why a single spring roll for dinner you might ask? Well, those buggers are freakin delicious, but they are also balls expensive. I mean come on…five rolls in a bag for $9…that’s just robbery. I didn’t exactly pick a career that would have me rolling in money so I’ve taken to rationing my food. Maybe a little extreme, but it’s either that or I have to stop getting pedicures and god knows that is NOT going to happen. Anyway, the plus side of my job is that I have far less time to snack on all my favorites. My food intake has been significantly reduced. As far as the running goes, I have promised myself I will get back on that train again this weekend/ next week.

I take that back- the other downer of my week is that I am helping plan these baller parties (some with budgets upwards of 150K) and am in charge of researching sick furniture and table designs and linens and what not, but I am so, so far away from being able to afford anything of the sort. It also makes me want to throw a real high class dinner party or something, which probably just seems fun in my head. In reality cocktail dresses and stuff you can’t spill on is just not a good time. Oh and this job could also freak out any potential new boyyyyfrannn I bring to my apartment, since my table is now covered with magazines like Bliss Celebrations (See Below). Gonna have to hide those for a bit I think.

That’s my nervous face.

Other than those few complications my new job is SAH-WEET.

This doesn’t relate at all to this post or this blog, but I’m ten at heart and think this is funny. Come on guys…who changed the sign??


One thought on “Damn You Spring Rolls

  1. You put your blog on facebook?!!!? Love it! I’m glad you survived your 1st week of work! I love and miss you!!!! XoXoXo

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