Long Time No Blob

          Did you think I died or something…no way! Here is a very brief recap of what happened to me in the last three months. I got a job at an event planning company. My boss turned out to be the devil. Don’t believe the common description- the devil is not named Lucifer and does not have horns or a tail. The devil is named Terry, is short, a little pudgy and has frizzy brown hair. Coincidentally though- Terry’s favorite color is red. This was a big change from my first week (see last post). Man was I deceived. I worked there for two months and cried almost every day. I’m not usually a big crier, especially not in public, so it was pretty bad. At one point Terry told me “For a girl with a master’s degree, you are really stupid.”  One time I didn’t understand her email so I replied back saying “Just want to clarify, you want me to do XYZ.” She replied back with one sentence “I’m done with this conversation.” Thanks for clearing that up Terrrr, love you too! While this was happening I moved into a new apartment in a slightly sketchy part of Cranston and my Mom crashed my car. Things were going realllllyyy well. Oh- and I didn’t have cable or internet. This created big problems in terms of being able to blog. The plus side- I lost 8 pounds which was weird because I was stress eating like crazy and stopped working out completely. Turns out stress can really do a number on ya.

This is how I felt for two months. I would also like to note that this picture came from an article entitled “Crying doesn’t make you feel better, now quit your blubbering.” It was also flanked by ads for the new season of Glee. Do Glee characters cry a lot? Are Glee watchers big criers? I’m not sure. Anyway, thank you article- now that I know crying doesn’t help I will stop.

          After two months I got a new job at my old job. I started working for the radio station where I interned in college. Since my salary basically pays for my gas I moved out of my new, sketchy apartment and home to my parent’s house. It’s not as depressing as it sounds since my parents only live there in the summer. The commute does suck, but my boss is respectful and appreciative and my co-workers have yet to see me cry. Things are turning around! My car has also been repaired. The not so good side- I am still eating ridiculous quantities of food and all the gluten I can find. It’s been a magical time in my life, but I have gained 5 of those 8 pounds back in one month. To combat this issue I have joined a new gym. My company pays 75% of the membership, which is sweet. I think they realized that a lot of people working in radio are grossly overweight and the health costs are way more than the gym memberships. Another plus- I have cable and internet again. Hooray for the three friends that still read my blog!

So recap- life was realll shitty for a bit, but now it’s much better.


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