Hello Texas

Places I never thought I would ever live: Alaska, Texas, and Florida. Alaska because it’s way too cold and should really just be a part of Canada. Florida because I always thought Miami looked obnoxious and the rest of the state seems to have a ton of old people. And Texas because I am a liberal, pro gun control, pro choice, democrat who thinks cowboy boots and cowboy hats should be worn on Halloween only.

Place where I currently live: Texas…Temple, Texas to be exact.

How did this happen: Four weeks ago I accepted a new job. Two weeks later I drove from Rhode Island to Texas with my Mom and my Dog, Henry. A week after that I was starting work, my mom flew back to Atlanta, and I had to figure out how the heck I was going to survive on my own in Texas.

My thoughts about Texas before I left Rhode Island: If you have seen the show Friday Night Lights then you know what I thought Texas would be like. Other than that I think of cowboys, rednecks, guns, G.W. Bush, and beauty queens. If this was the sound of music, those would not be on the list of my favorite things. Needless to say, I was a little scared to move to Texas.

My thoughts having lived in Texas for a week: All of those impressions were kind of true, but they aren’t nearly as horrifying as I thought. It’s actually kind of fun. People really do look like cowboys, but it’s a little bit rugged and a little bit hot. People claim to be rednecks, but they aren’t as dumb or gross as you would think. I haven’t seen any guns yet so I’ll keep you posted on that front. Girls really do want to be beauty queens, but they are also smart and kind. And they do love them some George Dubbyuhh, but I can laugh on the inside and remember republicans have lost the last two elections.

It is also kind of cool because I have a clean slate here. I know no one and no one knows me. I get to be whatever kind of person I want, which is pretty amazing.

So now the big question…What kind of person do I want to be?

I’ve decided to be more positive, to start enjoying the “sweet tea and sunshine” and make the most of my time in a new place with new people. I’m going to say yes more and not back out. I’m going to be outgoing and meet new people and not feel so insecure. I am going to not let things get to me and not stress so much about not having a plan or a next step.

Hello Texas. Hello sunshine. Hello happiness.


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