Restaurant Review: BJ’s Brewhouse

Restaurant Review: BJ’s Brewhouse

When I first flew down to see the Temple I was told to try BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner. Even though it’s a Texas chain and I normally try and find all local spots, I took everyone’s advice and tried it out. Since then I have been back twice.

The restaurant itself has kind of an airport restaurant vibe, but the bartenders were super nice and there seemed to be a ton of regulars coming in and out. Things I liked right off the bat: 1) They offered two different kinds of ciders and 2) The bartender gave me a sample glass of each to see which one I liked better at no charge. Love me some free sample glasses. They make their own cider, which is cool, but I found it a little too sweet for me and stuck with my old faithful, woodchuck.

The first time I ate at BJs I had gluten free pizza with blackened chicken. For anyone who tries to be gluten free or gluten finicky, like myself, this pizza was amazing. Hands down, best gluten free crust I’ve ever had. Frugal me was also happy that they had a deal on the pizza during happy hour.

The second time I had an open face pot roast sandwich (remember I said gluten finicky…don’t judge me on my inability to stay away from bread and pasta…sometimes you just need a giant ass sandwich). It was pot roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy on a roll. It was also surrounded by an assortment of vegetables, which of course I didn’t eat. It was giant and delicious and perfect comfort food.

The third time I had Cajun pasta: Cajun chicken over fettuccini pasta in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce with peppers = spicy goodness. Oh and a side of garlic bread! Seriously guys, this restaurant is quickly becoming a favorite. This plate also provided enough food to eat for two left over meals the next day. AAAmazing.

Here was the one problem…not so much a problem with the restaurant, but more so a problem of me being stupid. They had this sign on every table with featured mother’s day specials. There were four drinks on there, one wine and three springy, happy, pink cocktails. One cocktail in particular was a pink lemonade of sorts with fresh lemon juice, soda, some kind of simple syrup, and then some kind of vodka…delicious right? I had just finished the drive down and was in serious need of an adult beverage and a good night’s sleep so I was all over that drank.

The  beverage was phenomenal. I got two and since I’m such a light weight these days, figured I’d sleep like a baby. Except I didn’t feel much of a buzz and didn’t sleep well because my adorable, bastard dog (who I seriously love like a child and am obsessed with, but he’s a realllll bastard sometimes) decided he wanted to wake up every hour and freak out a little. The drink was still delicious though so when we went back again I ordered another.

Half way through knocking that sucker back I took a gander through the rest of the menu to see what I would order the next time I came in. I happened upon the drink menu and noticed a section called “mocktails.” What did I find there….my delicious drink! Turns out what I assumed was vodka was just another syrup. I had been fooled! They also have free refills for those beverages, which made me feel like a child and an idiot for ordering my second one like “ummm yea I’ll have another with dinner.” Who says that about a non-alcoholic beverage?

Anyway, to review…amazing food, fun bartenders, but watch out for non-alcoholic sneak beverages if you’re trying to get a nice buzz before you go to bed at 7pm.


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