My Name is Caroline. I Live In Texas. I Am Scared of Guns.

Being from the Northeast I knew the stereotypes of Texas…everyone carries a gun and a knife and everyone is all bad ass cowboy and stuff. When I decided to move here, I figured people were exaggerating. Turns out its no exaggeration.

I recently had a co-worker get fired. Rumor mill said he liked to drink a little too much and not show up for work the next day. Apparently when he got the ax he flipped and yelled terrible things. And by terrible, I mean we changed the lock code fully expecting him to come down and try and destroy things or fight people. WT Duck?

Needless to say, it is all anyone can talk about. The reactions from some people to the stories have scared me more than the threat of a disgruntled co-worker, or ex-co-worker, storming the office. Here’s how the conversations have been going:

Co-worker One: “Did you hear about blah?”

Co-worker Two: “Crazy right? I can’t believe the things he said. Do you think he’ll try and come down here?”

Co-worker One: “If he does, I’ve got a gun in my car; I’ll take care of it.”

Co-worker One: “Come on give us the scoop”

My Boss: “No way, you’ll blog about it and piss him off more.”

Side note: I think its fine for me to blog about it since people here still don’t really know me or read my blog. So if I die tomorrow, call the police and tell them I pissed off a recently fired co-worker by blogging about his unfortunate circumstances.

Co-worker One: “Oh come on, tell us what he said.”

My Boss: “I’m not, but I’ll tell ya, I half expected to see the door kicked in this morning. I’ve got my shotgun in my car though so he’d be stupid to try something.”

My Boss to me: “You want to see my gun?”

Me: “WT DUCK. No you crazy bastard. Guns are scary and people die from their own guns and accidents and NO NO NO.”

Okay, that’s not exactly what I said, but I was thinking it. What I really said was:

Me: “I’m good. Guns scare me. Isn’t there a statistic that in burglaries, more people die or are injured from their own guns then burglars actually bringing guns?”

My Boss: “Who do you think puts out those statistics? You Yankees who want gun control.”

Is this real life? 


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