Armadillo BFF

Since moving to Texas, people ask me all the time what I thought it was going to be like here and if any of that was true. Here is a list of what I thought about Texas before moving here and how accurate those thoughts were:

1. Everyone drives a truck – Pretty accurate.

2. People wear cowboy hats – Also pretty accurate.

3. Everyone drinks an excess amount of beer – Very true.

4. People are super sweet – 100% true.

5. There are cows everywhere – True and I love it.

6. They are obsessed with High School Football…I was a big fan of Friday Night Lights – This is ridiculously true and I absolutely can’t wait for Football season.

Seriously...this is Temple High School's Football Stadium....It seats 12,000 fans.

Seriously…this is Temple High School’s Football Stadium….It seats 12,000 fans.









Outside the stadium...seriously this is real life

Outside the stadium…seriously this is real life

7. They have fire ants…my mom scared the crap out of me with this one – They do, but I have yet to have a problem with them (knock on wood).

8. Ditto for snakes and scorpions- I have yet to encounter them and pray I never do.

9. They love guns- scarily true


10. They are not super concerned with healthy eating or being environmentally conscious.  – Unfortunately that’s pretty true. Not that everyone eats badly and hates the earth or anything, but my office and apartment building, and most of Texas it seems, does not recycle. This morning for breakfast a client brought in something called Kolache’s that was essentially a hot dog wrapped in a biscuit with melted cheese on it. For Breakfast. I passed on that one.

11. There are armadillo’s roaming the streets- I was praying this one was true, but had yet to see one UNTIL YESTERDAY! Dreams do come true kids. I had met an armadillo once before, but that was at the zoo so it doesn’t really count. I was real excited though…

Why you curled up into your shell fool...Don't you know we are BBFs??

Why you curled up into your shell fool…Don’t you know we are BBFs??


Even more excited than my nephew...he was 4...I was 20.  Why did that sucker uncurl for him?? Not cool man.

Even more excited than my nephew…he was 4…I was 20.
Why did that sucker uncurl for him?? Not cool man.

I was driving so I couldn’t get a picture of my new armadillo friend, although I did seriously consider pulling over to do it. For your reading pleasure, I Googled some sweet armadillo images. This one was my favorite. It sums up two Texas stereotypes all in one beautiful picture.


Armadillos and beer…Now that is Texas

So basically everything you think about Texas is true. It is a very strange place, but a really fun place. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a cowboy hat, drink beer, and watch football with some cows and armadillos? I’d like to see some recycling and healthy food options and I could live without the guns, but I’ll take what I can get. I mean it’s the south…you have to give them a little more time to get there.


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