I Have An Adorable Father…and a stupid nickname

So my childhood nickname is Lina Doodles. Super embarrassing. Over the years, my family members and close friends have either called me Lina, Doodles, or just Doods. Except for my sister, Erin, who is a little more creative then most. She turned Lina Doodles into Lish, Ish Lish, or Ishy poo. Thanks a lot Erin. We did call her Erg or Ergamister as a kid so I guess I deserve it. On that note- I also started calling my other sister, Megan, Moodle when she calls me Doodle. That has also turned into Meggie Moo. And I didn’t like my brother Lawrence’s name when I was a kid so I called him Pete for most of his young life. His middle name is Patrick. I guess all around we are a family of terrible nicknames.

The nickname was not okay in Jr High, but I’m pretty okay with it now. Especially when my father does adorable things like this…

" Oodles of Doodles... Inspiring Ideas to Get You Drawing and Creating"

” Oodles of Doodles… Inspiring Ideas to Get You Drawing and Creating”

He saw this in a store and decided to send it to me because the title “Oodles of Doodles” made him laugh. My mom added the card– the message was really sweet, but Dad is currently winning in the awesome parent department (sorry mom).

So it’s decided. I have the best father and a pretty stupid nickname.


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