End of an Era

It’s official folks…my Rhode Island drivers license and license plates have been turned over. The bad news is Texas license plates are incredibly lame…straight up black and white…really? The good news is my drivers license picture has improved tremendously, in my opinion.

Goodbye QV-450 with a wave in the background...Hello CCS-2250. Lame.

Goodbye QV-450 with a wave in the background…Hello CCS-2250. Lame.

I wasn’t planning on switching everything over, but apparently, the police can pull you over and give you a fat ticket when you have an expired vehicle registration from another state. Apparently you have 30 days to register your car in Texas after moving here and 90 days to switch your drivers license. Who knew? Okay…I did know, but I’m an outlaw, a rebel, a bad-ass chick… and I wanted to keep my pretty license plates! Another kicker…I have to go to traffic school and pay $112. Six hours on a Saturday. Awesome. Not feeling so bad-ass anymore. Thank you, Officer Wilkes, for crushing my spirit.


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