A Sick Puppy = One Terrible Weekend

This weekend turned into my worst nightmare. Everyone who knows me knows that my dog, Henry, is like my first born child. I obsess over him. (Who wouldn’t…he’s freaking adorable). Thursday night, on our evening walk,  Henry sat down and refused to walk. Not like him. I ended up having to carry him (all 50 pounds and we we’re not close to home) back to the apartment. I tend to over react so I figured I’d wait and see how he was in the morning. He was way worse. He couldn’t walk at all and was shaking pretty badly. When he tried to walk he would trip and fall. It looked like he had lost all use of his back legs.

PANIC MODE!! I hadn’t found a vet I like yet here in Temple…. Reminder… this is my child who I obsess over so the right vet is very important. Plus, they have to compete with my Rhode Island vet who let me call every two seconds…he gave me his cell phone number…big mistake. I had a really bad feeling and knew I needed to find a good vet ASAP so I ran over to my neighbor Nancy’s apartment. She has an awesome dog named Thor so I figured she’d have good advice. She told me absolutely take him to her vet, Doctor Gosney. He’s the best, according to Nancy. Thank goodness for Nancy and Doctor Gosney. He saw Henry at 10am on Friday and knew right away that it was a problem with his spine. After poking and prodding, an uncomfortable anal thermometer, and an XRay he determined that poor Henry had disc compression in his 7th vertebrae. Not good. It basically means that the disc is being pushed into his spinal cord. Untreated Henry could become paralyzed! Panic mode went to freak out mode reallll quick. Dr. Gosney explained it’s a common problem in hounds, dachshund, and beagles because of their body shapes and then went over the two options. (1) we try conservative treatment. Basically try and fix the problem with a cocktail of anti-inflammatory’s, muscle relaxers, and steroids. This also requires keeping Henry as still as possible for several days while he heals. Easier said then done. That’s the part we are working on now. After 10 days, if Henry isn’t responding to the treatment or if he gets worse suddenly before then, we go to option two. (2) Henry goes into emergency surgery to remove a portion of his spine. WHATTTT. Not happening to my baby. Needless to say Friday I was a mess and not much better Saturday since he was vomiting every hour Friday night into the morning because of all the medicine. Literally heart breaking…and really gross.

The good news…Henry seems to be healing. He can’t go up or down any stairs, get in and out of the bed, or jump on or off the couch. He is really not loving that last one. To keep him off the bed and couch I have been sleeping on the floor. My back is not happy, but Henry is :). He is also only allowed to go out to go to the bathroom…long walks have been put on hold. He is not a big fan of that rule either. I’ll go back to the vet’s after the 4th, but I’m thinking/ hoping he won’t need the surgery.

The other good news…I have some pretty incredible people in my life. Co-workers keeping me busy at work on Friday so I didn’t think about having to leave him at the vet’s (thanks Rebecca), friends letting me freak out via text/email and family letting my cry over the phone. My mom even called the vet to get more information about the odds of success and all that scariness that I couldn’t bring myself to ask. So, sorry everyone for being a mess and THANK YOU for being awesome!

My adorable little nugget

My adorable little nugget. Don’t you just want to love him??



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