I was reading a post today by one of my favorite PR Blogs that got me thinking about the “bold” things I’ve done so far that I’m really proud of. Sometimes realizing the things you’ve already accomplished makes it a little easier to take on the next hurdle. Here’s my list of my top five best moments:

1. Going to college in California. If you asked me as a freshman in high school if I would ever move across the country by myself for school I would have told you that you were crazy. I was still pretty shy at the time and would never have dreamed of making that kind of move. By senior year I was a little more confident and felt like I had to try. My time in San Diego was so unbelievably rewarding. I will always be incredibly grateful to the people I met and how much more open they taught me to be.

2. Joining a sorority. That may seem strange that I view this as a proud moment because (1) my sorority life didn’t really end well and (2) it’s a sorority, which a lot of people don’t really view as an accomplishment. Regardless, this was still a moment when I was forced to ignore my inherent shyness and be comfortable being myself in front of hundreds of women whom I had never met before. The recruitment process is a week of back to back “events” where you meet each sorority and it’s members. At each event they talk about a different aspect of their sorority and then you meet a few of the members who try not to awkwardly grill you, but also get to know you in five minutes. Then they vote, you get your bid cards and you’re in! It’s stressful and hard not to feel judged, but in the end you get to be a part of an extraordinary group of women who are there for you no matter what. One of my biggest regrets is how things ended with the sorority and that I haven’t kept in touch with some of the girls. I really did have a blast for three years!

3. Finishing Grad School at the age of 22. A ton of people are going to grad school right after college now so I know I am not alone in this pool. Regardless of how many people are doing it, I still think it’s pretty awesome to think “Hey, we are 22 years old and have masters degrees.” I think we should all give ourselves a nice big pat on the back.

4. Traveling abroad on Semester at Sea. One semester. 12 countries. 700-ish beautiful people living on a ship. Amazing crew members. Hands down best memories I have from college. Everyone should study abroad with Semester at Sea, with any program really. It is the most incredible adventure you will ever have. There is no better way to learn about the world and people and all of the goodness in different cultures. I miss Semester at Sea more and more each day and can’t wait until I can retire as a life long learner.

5. Moving to Texas. Talk about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Me… New England native…. Liberal Democrat….End up in Texas? I thought this move would be the hardest for me yet and that I would be home sick all the time. Turns out, all those other times I pushed myself to get out there and do something different have made it easy for me to accept new surrounding and new people and appreciate everyone and everything in my new life.

I can only hope another adventure will be around the corner 🙂



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