Learning and Stuff

Things you learn when you live on your own in a different state, are cheap, and can’t have your parents come over to help:

1. Fire extinguishers have to be checked by fire people every so often to make sure they still, ya know, put out fires.

2. Floating shelves are the devil and walls can be too soft to handle stupid screws. Screw screws.

3. WD-40 can apparently fix everything.

4. Staple guns are amazing.

5. You can overfill your car tires with air when you are trying to fill them back up. Apparently you only have to hold the air thing to the tire thing for a second.

6. Popcorn is a totally acceptable dinner at least twice a week.

7. Using a measuring tape and level thing are pretty necessary when hanging stuff.

8. Things can be toasted in the oven if you’re too cheap to buy a toaster. Toasters are pretty irrelevant.

9. Mattresses are expensive, but if you go to mattress firm in Temple you can get free delivery and a date…I think getting my cell phone number off the order form, texting me to see how my mattress feels, and asking if we can chat about it over coffee goes a little above the call of duty…but then again, I am a first time mattress buyer.

10. Toothpaste can do a lot of really handy things.

11. Empty wine bottles make beautiful vases…home decor…another great reason to drink more wine.

12. There are different kinds of oil that can go into your car and putting the wrong one in your car is bad.

13. There are blenders that can make soup. I am now the proud owner of said blender. Soup maker and smoothie maker. Two for one all day.

14. You should put a towel down before you iron on surfaces other than an ironing board.

So these are all the wonderful things I have been learning while living on my own. I am such a functional adult, it truly is amazing. The good news is, my mother will be here next week and she can fix all of the things for me and cook all of the delicious meals.


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