Apparently I Look Like a Man…

This weekend I was taking Henry for our usual walk around the neighborhood when I noticed a bunch of estate sale signs. Normally not my thing, but this particular estate sale was for a house that is at the bottom of a big hill that is really more compound than a house since there are like eight random barns down there so I was intrigued. Henry and I made our way down and looked around for a minute. I made the wise decision not to let Henry in the house (despite approval from the owners) since he would probably sniff/knock over/pee on everything, so we quickly turned around and headed back towards home.

As I was heading back up the hill, several families stopped to admire Henry, which of course he loves. He’ll sit down in front of them and put up his paw. They freak out about how adorable that was and start petting him like crazy. Smart little bastard. One couple actually acknowledged my presence (believe me, that rarely happens) and asked my name. After I responded, the man said “Ohhh I’ve seen you guys walking through the neighborhood a bunch.” To which I said “Yepp, that’s us! Every morning!” Then the guys says this “Does your Dad walk him sometimes too?”

Two things are wrong with that question:

1. That means he thinks I look young enough to still live with my Father….I swear I’m not 12, I’m actually 23. What 12 year old takes their dog out for a walk every morning at 6am anyway? That would be one responsible kid! Anddd what 12 year old randomly visits estate sales on a Saturday morning by themselves? That would be one weird kid.

2. It’s always me walking Henry so that means that some mornings when this guy see’s us walking he thinks I’m an older man. Seriously? I’ve been growing my hair out and everything! I know I’m always in work out clothes, my hair is usually a mess, and I never have make up on, but come on man! It’s 6am! I’m also really not sure how you transform from a 12 year old to an old man either. Would have made more sense if he thought it was my brother walking Henry.

I offered the guy an out and just smiled and said “Nope, it’s just me, but I think there is another guy in the neighborhood with a bassett.” Instead of taking the out, he said “No, it was definitely this dog so I guess it was just you.”

Awesome. Thanks sir. I will encourage Henry to pee on your mailbox now.