I’ll Be Home For Christmas…Maybe

So it’s almost October, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from December. That means Christmas is around the corner. Having recently moved to Texas and now that I have my rescue pup, Christmas plans have become much more stressful. I’m currently in the process of determining if I can make it home, for how long, and what I should do with my little nugget.

I have three options. 1) Fly home with Henry. 2) Fly home and leave Henry in a boarding facility. 3) Stay in Texas with Henry. Sorry family, I care more about the dog??

I’ve thrown out option one since flying home with Henry would require drugging him, putting him in a crate, and loading him into the bottom of a plane. I just feel like that is way too traumatizing. Plus he has a week stomach and gets very sick any time he needs medicine.

So now I’m down to options two and three. Most people would probably be looking at the financial considerations first. How much are flights? How much does boarding cost? How much money will it take to make my family crappy home made Christmas gifts? Can I bring cookie tins on the plan? I mean, checking a bag is THE WORST.

I wish I could say I am basing my decision on such sensible thoughts, but that would be a lie. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking into all that, but honestly, I think the determining factor will really be if I can bring myself to leave Henry and be apart from him for a week??? I am seriously considering not going home for Christmas just so I don’t have to leave my dog. What does that say about my life?

In my defense a big part of it is because Henry is a rescue pup and he freaks out if you try and force him into a crate. The groomer learned that the hard way. I don’t want him to think I’ve left him for good if I leave for the week and I don’t want him to be cramped in a crappy crate all day. Who knows how often they actually take all the little nugglets out!!

To help, my co-worker suggested I check out a place called Barker Heights Bed and Biscuit. It’s a pet boarding facility in neighboring Harker Heights. This. Place. Is. Amazing. It will basically cost me my life savings…all $300 of it, but Henry would have his own room WITH A TV and a private yard so he can go out and poop any time. Henry is very regular, so that’s super important. The TV is on 24/7 and plays pet shows and pet food commercials and shit. So sweet. You can also pay extra for your dog to receive “extended individual play.” Basically a worker person chills with your dog for like 8 hours. I don’t even do that! All of that is great and all, but here is the best part….you can pay to have cameras rolling in the room 24/7. The cameras are hooked up to an internet feed so you can check in on your pet any time you want over the internet!! WHATTT! It’s like that Panda cam at the zoo! There little saying is “So you can see here, when you can’t be here!”  Oh my goodness. They have answered my prayers. Can I get this installed in my apartment for when I’m at work? Here’s the link if you want to check how sweet this place is.

So I’m still not sure what I’m going to do since I might have to take out a small loan to afford these sweet digs for my little turd, but it’s good to know I have a pretty nice option for my Christmas travels if I need it.

Some other things I will also be considering when making my travel plans:

1) My nephews who I see too little of now.

Not sure I want to miss out on this…

Not happy to receive shoes.

Not happy to receive shoes. What’s happening with your eyes Logan? Did you get into the dessert wine? Are you drunk again??

Very happy to receive Lincoln Logs

Very happy to receive Lincoln Logs. Two things are also happening in this picture 1) Dad will always get trash duty on Christmas morning and 2) My parents have given up on wrapping and started keeping things right in the Amazon box. Cutting open the box is almost as cool as unwrapping presents right?

2) The weather.

Not sure I want leave mild winter in Texas for this….


But then again, the snow can be beautiful

But then again, the snow can be beautiful

Who am I kidding...the snow sucks.

Who am I kidding…the snow sucks.

3) My grandmother

She really wants me to come back for Christmas. She’s resorted to guilt…last time we talked she said I’ll start praying that you can come home. Man oh man, now I think I have to.

Mims with my adorable sisters :)

Mims with my adorable sisters 🙂 Seriously Erin, you were one cute kid.